Supplier Support Services

Each of our managed services includes handling of all required communication, assistance, and follow-up with your suppliers. This saves you valuable time, freeing your staff for more important activities. Q Point has a dedicated Supplier Support department to manage this area. Our Supplier Support staff is key to our ability to provide customers with the most complete and timely information available.

Your suppliers have extensive resources available to them:

  • Free GDX account
  • Online help for GDX
  • Online training videos
  • Online support forum
  • Email support
  • Telephone help desk
  • Hands-on supplier training

We have over 15 years of experience in this area, and relationships with over 15,000 suppliers around the world.

Our Supplier Support team also proactively follows up with your suppliers, to ensure timely and complete response to information requests. All supplier data is validated. GDX provides extensive up-front validation of declarations to ensure completeness and accuracy, ensuring the highest data integrity at the source. GDX eliminates errors with substance identifiers, substance names, material rollup, missing documentation, and more. In addition, our technical staff reviews supplier declarations to certify data prior to release to our customers.

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