GDX Overview

A complete online solution for managing environmental compliance

Green Data Exchange (GDX) is a cloud-based system that allows companies to connect directly with their suppliers to obtain real-time compliance information.

Manual methods for repeated surveying of suppliers, reviewing error prone information, and transcribing data so that it can be used, is time consuming, a strain on resources, and unsustainable in a world of continuously changing regulations.

Using GDX, companies gain significant operational efficiency and slash the cost of compliance. As a cloud-based SaaS system, there is no software to install or manage, eliminating IT costs and enabling immediate use of the system.

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The OEM Challenge

Are you spending too much time collecting compliance data from your suppliers? Do you struggle trying to keep track of it all and keep it up to date? Is this putting a strain on your resources?

Do you have difficulty determining the compliance status of your products? Do you know what exemptions you are using? Do you know which items have SVHCs?

Would you rather have access to existing supplier declarations? Would it be easier if you had a single place to go where you could access existing supplier contacts, issue a request for information online, and track the status of activity?

With GDX, you can evolve beyond back and forth emails with suppliers, and instead access your supplier data online. Because GDX is free for suppliers, you can invite all your suppliers to become members, making it more efficient for both you and your suppliers to exchange compliance data.

Staying up-to-date is the key long term compliance challenge for companies. With regulations such as REACH changing frequently, repeatedly surveying your suppliers is costly and unsustainable. GDX makes it easier for you by pushing information to you automatically when suppliers update their declarations, reducing the need for you to chase down information.

GDX can publish data to you in the format you prefer, eliminating the need for suppliers to fill out custom forms and reducing the time it takes to receive information. Supplier declarations are validated by GDX prior to publishing by suppliers, so you'll no longer have to deal with weight rollup errors, incorrect CAS numbers, unspecified exemptions, and a whole host of common errors.

The Supplier Challenge

Are you overwhelmed with requests for compliance data from your customers? Are you receiving requests for the same parts and information over and over again? Are you struggling to complete a variety of different custom declaration forms?

With GDX, you can post your compliance information in a single location, and share it with any customer. You can even share information with customers that aren't yet using GDX. Your part information can include substance disclosure, RoHS, REACH, Conflict Minerals, test reports, manufacturing process, lifecycle information, and more.

You can declare any commodity type, including custom parts and assemblies. GDX supports a variety of methods for you to author information in the system, ranging from online entry, to automated import of spreadsheets and IPC 1752, and even direct integration to your in-house system.

GDX supports family series parts, allowing you to declare once and assign many part numbers to the same declaration. GDX supports proprietary materials that you want to keep confidential.

The best part is GDX simplifies keeping your information up-to-date. For example, updating a REACH declaration can be performed quickly and you no longer have to send the information out to customers as GDX takes care of this for you.

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