November 9, 2011
Q Point announces support for IPC 1752A

Suppliers can easily export declarations to 1752A xml

Los Altos, CA
November 9, 2011

Q Point Technology, a leading provider of environmental compliance information solutions, announces support for 1752A, the latest IPC standard for component information exchange. Users of the Q Point Green Data Exchange (GDX) system can export data to 1752A, as well as additional data formats.

GDX is an easy to use system allowing suppliers to centrally manage declaration data that can be shared with the supply chain. Suppliers can access GDX at no cost, and declare online using simple web forms. Maintaining data is vastly simplified, as customers can have immediate access to updated declaration data. Now, with 1752A support, suppliers do not need to develop or use separate programs to generate this format. Suppliers and users accessing GDX can choose 1752A as one of a list of available formats.

GDX addresses the growing challenge in the supply chain of obtaining and maintaining required regulatory compliance data. Visit to learn more about GDX.

About Q Point Technology, Inc.

Q Point Technology is a leading provider of environmental compliance data services for OEMs and product manufacturers. Q Point’s solutions help reduce compliance risk, reduce compliance costs, and streamline business processes. Q Point is headquartered in Los Altos, California. For more information, visit or call 650-469-1150.

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