August 30, 2012
Q Point Announces Integration to SAP

Enables automatic publication of environmental data from Green Data Exchange direct to SAP

Los Altos, CA
August 30, 2012

Q Point Technology announces the release of the Green Data Exchange (GDX) Integration Adaptor for SAP Compliance for Product (Cfp). The integration enables automatic publication of environmental data from GDX direct to SAP. Data includes RoHS compliance, exemptions, and Certificates of Compliance; REACH SVHC declaration and supplier declarations of conformance; material disclosure and test reports; and other critical information.

Today, environmental information changes rapidly, presenting challenges to organizations. GDX Integration Adaptors automatically publish and deliver data whenever information changes, allowing enterprises to maintain an up-to-date technical data file. Integration to the enterprise eliminates manual efforts, reducing the cost of compliance.

As the largest online exchange for compliance data, GDX addresses the growing challenge in the supply chain of obtaining and maintaining required regulatory compliance data. Suppliers can declare online at no cost and easily share information with the supply chain. Maintaining information is dramatically simplified, as suppliers can update information in one place, and all customers can immediately access the information in their preferred format. Visit to learn more about GDX.

About Q Point Technology, Inc.

Q Point Technology is a leading provider of environmental compliance information solutions for the supply chain. Q Point’s solutions help companies meet regulatory requirements, reduce compliance costs, and manage compliance risk. Q Point is headquartered in Los Altos, California. For more information, visit or call 650-469-1150.

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