GDX Integration Adaptor

Integrate GDX with your Enterprise System

If you manage your compliance data in an in-house enterprise system, such as your PLM or dedicated compliance system, you've probably found that it is very time consuming to prepare and import compliance data from your suppliers. Data needs to be formatted for your system, records need to use your internal part numbers, supplier names and codes. Document attachments need to be named appropriately and associated with the correct part. Your system has other requirements for allowed characters, field lengths, substance naming, and material rollup limitations.

All this is incredibly time consuming. Further, you have to do this repeatedly, every time your supplier data changes, when you add new parts, and when you change suppliers. The result is it doesn't get done, or you are constantly behind in keeping your data up-to-date.

What It Does

The GDX Integration Adaptor automatically exports data from your GDX account, prepares the data for your enterprise system, and delivers it to you in the method you prefer.

This optional component saves you substantial time in manually exporting and preparing data for import. You will reduce the exposure of your system to out-of-date data. Now, whenever regulations such as REACH change, your system will contain the most current information.

Enterprise Adaptors are available for PTC WPA/InSight, Agile, SAP, Dassault/MatrixOne, Foresite GEMS, and other systems.

How It Works

Our Integration Adaptors run in the compute cloud, just like GDX, so there is no software for you to install, upgrade, or manage.

When one of your suppliers responds to an information request, or updates a part or assembly that you use, your Adaptor will detect this event, and include it in the next publishing cycle.

When the publishing cycle runs, typically daily, each part is formatted to the requirements of your system. A wide variety of standard, system specific, and custom formats are available, including IPC 1752, csv, and xml. Your Adaptor is aware of your internal part numbers, supplier names and codes, and prepares System-Ready™ information that can import directly into your enterprise system without further modification. Our Adaptors accommodate a wide range of system requirements, including:

  • Use of your company part numbers
  • Use of your supplier names and codes
  • Material rollup restrictions
  • Duplicate substance and homogeneous material names
  • Allowed characters
  • Field length limitations
  • Numeric precision
  • Document naming conventions
  • Material declaration method limitations, including conversion of range-based (min/max) declarations
  • Material declaration tolerance limitations
  • Proprietary material substance identifiers and names
  • Supplier contact information
  • Article weight requirements

Your Adaptor can then send the data to you or your system can pull it from a secure location. Data can be delivered in a variety of ways, including ftp, email, and GDX API access. Depending on your enterprise system, your system can run a periodic import script, batch operation, or bulk load to import the data. When the publishing cycle is complete, your Adaptor can send you an email notification letting you know that updated data is available.

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