GDX Features

A complete online solution for managing environmental compliance

Acquire & Maintain Compliance Information

Access existing supplier declarations and manage information requests online.

Access to existing compliance data from over 10,000 suppliers
Information includes:

  • RoHS - compliance status, exemptions, CoC
  • REACH - compliance status, declaration of conformance, SVHCs
  • Full Material Disclosure
  • Conflict Minerals
  • Lifecycle status
  • Manufacturing process

Invite any of your suppliers to become a member of GDX. Supplier access is free
Online Request Management

  • Issue a request for information to any supplier
  • Communicate with suppliers to resolve questions
  • Track the status of your requests and keep team members informed
  • View supplier performance metrics such as response time

Simplifies staying up to date - receive information updates automatically whenever your suppliers update declarations, e.g. for REACH
Optional Q Point services to handle engagement with your suppliers and assist in managing your environmental program

Manage Parts & Suppliers

Relate your parts to supplier parts in GDX. No need to modify or cleanse your data
Support for unlimited manufacturing sources for each company part
Manage all commodity types, including components, assemblies, modules, packaging, bulk materials, mechanical items, chemicals, etc.
Supports custom and off-the-shelf items
View the compliance status of any part
View all supplier data associated with any part
Identify parts with missing and out-of-date compliance information
Extensive searching and filtering, e.g. identify parts using specified exemptions
Tag parts to support your custom business rules, e.g. to assign risk, supplier rating, etc.

Manage Product Compliance

View product compliance status to regulations such as RoHS, REACH, and Conflict Minerals
Identify non-compliant products
Create a product level compliance statement to share with customers
Navigate a bill of material (bom) and perform drill-down, e.g. to identify the source of non-compliance
Identify exemptions taken at any level of the product or sub-assembly
Generate a product level substance disclosure report
Perform where-used search, e.g. to view which products have parts with SVHCs
Import boms. Supports unlimited boms and hierarchy

Connect to your Enterprise

Integrate GDX with your enterprise systems. Integration Adaptors publish compliance data to your enterprise system
Automatically publishes new and updated information associated with parts and assemblies from your suppliers
Notifications inform you of data updates
Frees you from manual data preparation and import
Enterprise Adaptors are available for PTC WPA/InSight, Agile, SAP, Dassault/MatrixOne, Foresite GEMS, and others
Basic Adaptors available for publication of delimited text, csv, IPC 1752, and document attachments
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For Suppliers


Easy online declaration. Supplier accounts are free!

Easy, web-based compliance declaration. Eliminates complicated, arcane formats
Quickly import material declarations from a spreadsheet or IPC 1752
Connect your in-house system to automatically publish information to GDX
Indicate RoHS & REACH compliance status and provide supporting Declarations of Conformance
Submit Full Material Disclosure
Provide Conflict Minerals Declarations
Declare any type of article- off-the-shelf, custom, bulk material, etc.
Respond to information requests from customers
Track and manage information requests from customers in an easy-to-use online environment
Support for product families allows you to create a single declaration and associate it with many parts
Complete online Substance Master provides access to substance names and CAS numbers
Control disclosure of proprietary materials
Validation checks are performed by GDX to ensure your declaration is correct and complete


Share with Customers

Share declaration data with downstream supply chain customers and other information consumers
Share compliance data any customer, including those not using GDX
Declare once and share with any customer
Set sharing policies to control information disclosure, e.g. to share full material disclosure only with confirmed customers
Easily update your declarations when regulations change
Receive notification when a declaration is out-of-date
Reduce the need to fill out customer specific forms - your customers retrieve information from GDX in the format they prefer, including IPC 1752
Export a declaration, e.g. to email to a customer

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