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Material disclosures from suppliers can contain proprietary materials. This is so a supplier can protect their trade secrets and intellectual property. The amount and number of proprietary substances in a part or assembly varies, with some containing no proprietary materials while others may contain one to many.

When using GDX, suppliers can indicate which elements of a material declaration are proprietary, and provide their own name for the material, e.g. "Proprietary Adhesive", "Trade Secret", etc. When you view this data, you will see the proprietary name that the supplier has entered, and the associated weight. The frequent presence of proprietary materials is one important reason to continue to maintain SDocs even with full material disclosure.

If you have your own in-house proprietary codes, and are using a GDX integration adaptor, your adaptor can be configured to map supplier proprietary material entries to your company conventions.

The trend in industry is movement toward full material disclosure (FMD) data collection and management. FMD offers several advantages - you can analyze the substances and amounts used in your products, and you can more readily determine compliance by analysis. Because FMD data is much more extensive, you will require a system like GDX or your own compliance system to manage this information.
Yes, we offer services to both obtain and maintain your data. See Maintenance Services for more information.
Yes, we support all commodity types, including custom parts.
Yes, check out our GDX Integration Adaptors for automatic delivery of your compliance data from your GDX account to your enterprise system.
Yes, data cleansing is a standard part of our managed services. We identify the correct and current manufacturer, the correct part number, and whether the part is obsolete. We also offer a full suite of data cleansing and enrichment services for more extensive efforts.
Yes, we offer Service Plans that you can use for new part introduction, new product boms, and ad hoc projects. A Service Plan is structured to accommodate your needs over a 1 year period, allowing you to utilize our services whenever it is most convenient for you.
All data is delivered to your GDX account, where you can view, analyze, and download any and all information. If you prefer automatic delivery of data in a preferred format, check out our GDX Integration Adaptors.

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