GDX Editions & Options

Choose the best fit for your organization

Enterprise Edition

Foundation for connecting to supplier information

Part and Supplier management
Access environmental compliance information from your suppliers, including over 10,000 existing suppliers
Includes RoHS, REACH, full material disclosure, and more
Supports off-the-shelf and custom parts
Invite any supplier to sign up for a free account
Search for suppliers and parts
Part search and filtering
Export a part declaration
Instantly deployed SaaS system
Includes 3 Users

Free Edition

For authoring of compliance information

For Suppliers
Enter data using easy online forms, or import your spreadsheets and legacy 1752 declarations
Declare any type of article, including off-the-shelf, custom, bulk materials, modules, components, etc.
Increase your responsiveness to customer compliance inquiries and improve your supplier rating
Export to IPC 1752A format
Apply a declaration to an entire family of parts
Access to a comprehensive online substance master
Your declarations are checked by GDX prior to publishing
Limit disclosure of your proprietary materials
Quickly update your declarations when regulations change. Once published, your changes are immediately communicated to all your customers
Format neutral environment allows your customers to export data from GDX in the format they prefer
Set sharing policies to control information disclosure, e.g. to share FMD only with confirmed customers
Receive notification when your declaration is out-of-date


RoHS & REACH Compliance Module

Analyze product compliance to RoHS & REACH

Determine the compliance status of any product
Identify non-compliant items and sources
Identify where non-compliant parts are used in your products
View all exemptions taken by a product
Generate a product level material disclosure report
Support for unlimited boms and hierarchy

Conflict Minerals Compliance Module

Analyze compliance to Conflict Minerals

Identify use of 3TG by your suppliers
Track conflict minerals status
Capture EICC survey information, including corporate policy, country of origin, smelters utilized
View the status of your program - summary chart of declaration status across all your suppliers
View declaration status by supplier
View supporting supplier evidence documentation

Integration Adaptors

Integrate GDX with your enterprise

Automatic export of information related to your supplier parts
Standard adaptors available for PTC WPA/Insight, SAP Cfp, Agile, IPC 1752
Basic Adaptor for generation of delimited file format and document attachments
API access option available
Can be used to import data into your enterprise system and/or archive your compliance documentation on premises
Choose your preferred export schedule, frequency of export, including time of day, days of week
Choose your preferred delivery method, including download or email

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