Materials Qualification

Our materials qualification service provides you with substance disclosure and certifying data for the materials you use in your custom parts and products.

These materials can include metals and alloys, paints, inks, anodizations, coatings, adhesives, glasses and optics, ceramics, plastics, substrates, solders, chemicals reagents, and gases. Materials can be based on formulas, governing standards such as ASTM, DIN, ANSI, SAE; and brands, such as 3M and Dupont.

By qualifying each material you use, you ensure that engineers refer to known compliant materials in the design of your custom parts and assemblies. This avoids expensive downstream product changes and simplifies the disclosure process for your fabricators and suppliers.

Service deliverables can include full material disclosure with substance breakdown, CAS numbers and weight, compliance status to one or more regulations, including REACH and RoHS, Supplier Declarations of Conformance (SDocs), and reference to the governing standard.

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