Information Maintenance

Our maintenance service ensures that your compliance information is up-to-date. There are a number of factors that result in compliance data changing regularly:

  • REACH SVHC updates, typically every 6 months
  • Updated Supplier Declaration of Conformance documents
  • Conflict minerals declaration updates and survey changes
  • Changes in material declaration, e.g. as a result of a process change
  • Changes to RoHS exemptions
  • Upgrades of information, such as a supplier that can now provide full material declaration
  • New regulations
  • New suppliers and parts

With GDX, staying up-to-date becomes a practical reality. With data direct from your suppliers, as soon as a supplier updates a declaration for an item you use, you immediately receive the updated data. If you are using a GDX Integration Adaptor, all updated data is delivered directly to your enterprise automatically.

Without GDX, you would have to repeatedly re-survey all your suppliers, a very inefficient and expensive proposition.

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