Full Material Disclosure Service

Our Full Material Disclosure (FMD) service provides you with the substance content of your parts and assemblies. The FMD service includes:

  • RoHS & REACH Service deliverables
  • Full material substance disclosure with homogeneous materials, substance identifiers, substance weight, and substance level exemptions
  • Original supplier Material Content Disclosure (MCD) reference document

You can choose to process your entire item master, specific products, or bills of materials. Our commodity experts can handle all of your part types, including off-the-shelf parts, custom parts, and assemblies. Our services include complete data cleansing to ensure the correct manufacturer and part number information. Our services also include all required communication, assistance, and follow-up for your suppliers, saving you valuable time. Learn more about our comprehensive Supplier Support services.

All data is delivered to your GDX workspace, giving you online access to your compliance data. You can export your data to a number of common formats, including IPC 1752 and spreadsheet. With our optional Integration Adaptor, data can also be delivered to your compliance system, including PTC WPA/InSight, Agile, SAP, Dassault/MatrixOne, and Foresite GEMS.

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