Conflict Minerals Service

Q Point’s Conflict Minerals solutions help you conduct comprehensive due diligence to address the requirements of the Conflict Minerals Act in Dodd-Frank.

Our service provides you with supplier declarations and supporting data to ascertain the use by your suppliers of conflict-free minerals for Tantalum, Tungsten, Tin, Gold (3TG). Q Point manages all aspects of the supplier engagement process for you, including:

  • Analysis and cleansing of your supplier list to identify the current and correct suppliers
  • Identifying the appropriate contact at each of your suppliers
  • Communicating the requirements of Conflict Minerals to your suppliers
  • Supporting suppliers in understanding the regulations
  • Providing support and training resources to assist suppliers in completing declarations
  • Reviewing data submissions by your suppliers
  • Active follow-up to ensure suppliers respond in a timely manner

Your suppliers have free access to the Green Data Exchange (GDX) system and provide declarations online, using easy to understand guided forms.

With GDX you have access to existing declarations from suppliers, speeding execution of your program and reducing costs.
Unlike traditional survey approaches, with GDX you have access to the latest declaration data, allowing you to have an effective means to stay up-to-date.
You can view the rolled up conflict minerals status across all your suppliers, drill down and view individual declarations, analyze data, and create reports.

Supplier Level data deliverables include:

  • Indication of the use of 3TG minerals in the supplier's products
  • Details on the origin of 3TG minerals, specifically to the smelter level in the supply chain
  • Details on 3TG minerals sourced from a supplier of recycled or scrap 3TG
  • Whether each supplier has identified all of the smelters used by the company and its suppliers
  • The list of all smelters used per supplier and overall
  • Whether the smelters identified are validated as Conflict-Free Smelters

Organizations find that managing the collection of compliance information is a significant burden and distraction to in-house staff. Simply identifying the set of suppliers and appropriate contacts is often an overwhelming activity. Given the frequent change in regulations and the need for information to stay current, companies need to establish a sustainable, cost effective, long term business process.

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