Environmental Compliance Services

We support customers worldwide in their goal to be compliant with environmental regulations such as REACH, RoHS, Ozone Depleting Chemicals, Conflict Minerals, and other directives. We can help you respond to customer requests for material composition and product environmental information by providing chemical content and declaratory statements for your products. In utilizing our solutions, you can meet compliance obligations, reduce your total cost of compliance, and free valuable in-house staff.

The Compliance Challenge

Compliance regulations like REACH and RoHS require you to have detailed information on all the parts, materials, assemblies, and packaging used in your products. This information includes Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs), supplier declarations, and other due diligence data. Regulatory authorities, customers, and partners can require you to provide compliance reports and supporting due diligence data.

One of the many compliance challenges is the time and effort required to acquire complete compliance data for all components across all your products. Your products can span hundreds and thousands of suppliers, tens of thousands of parts, or more, with each part record containing itemized substance breakdown, supporting documents, and numerous additional attributes. Obtaining this compliance information requires time consuming communication and coordination with suppliers. Information returned by suppliers is provided in a variety of different formats. This information needs to be reviewed, cleansed, normalized, and prepared properly so that you can use it in your enterprise.

In addition, environmental requlations continue to evolve. Additional SVHCs come into scope, component exemptions expire, material declarations change, and new geographic and company driven variations are introduced. Companies today recognize that compliance information must be actively managed and kept up-to-date, in order to sustain a sufficient level of due diligence.

The Q Point Advantage

Our GDX system serves as the platform for the delivery of our services. With GDX, you have online access to your compliance data. With data direct from suppliers, you now have a means to stay up-to-date with continuously changing regulations. GDX offers the fastest way to obtain your data, and lowest cost of ownership in industry.

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